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Dr Helen McAneney


Lecturer in Research Methodology &

MRC Methodology Research Fellow




+44 28 9063 4965


MRC All-Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research

Centre for Public Health

Queen's University Belfast

Royal Victoria Hospital

Grosvenor Road

Belfast, BT12 6BJ

Northern Ireland, UK


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Research Interests

I hold a tenured position of Lecturer in Research Methodology within the MRC All-Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research, on top of which I currently hold a 4 year MRC Methodology Fellowship, looking at  "Developing and applying innovative methodologies of longitudinal network data and agent-based modelling to public health".

In previous employment, my research looked at radiation treatment for tumours.  I investigated how growth mechanisms, other than exponential, within treatment schedule protocols can impact upon the outcome.  Additionally, radiation can be given in combination with drugs which can be more effective than either alone.  Mathematical modelling of such work would be of interest.  Lastly, new and improved mechanisms to irradiate tumours is constantly being researched.

However, my Ph.D. was within the field of Quantum Information theory within the Quantum Technology Group at Queen's University Belfast.  The exact title of my thesis is "Many-mode entanglement in continuous variable systems" and may be viewed here in pdf or ps format. This was undertaken with Prof Myungshik Kim, now at Imperial College London.